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Filo Crunchy Vegan Sticks

deliciously indulgent, beautifully crafted, impossible to resist.


Filo Crunchy Vegan Sticks Features 

  • Ready to go – the crunchy sticks are pre-baked and pre-brushed, making them error-free and  reducing  prep time to less than 5 minutes. You can actually enjoy the pastries right after defrosting.
  • Stays crispy and ready to serve for more than 5 hours after baking.
  • Packaged in a compact case size that is easy to store and allows you to offer a wider range of flavors.
  • “Naturally Vegan” - not a substitute or compromise to a Non-Vegan baked pastry.
  • Stored and shipped frozen to maintain consistency uniformity, without preservatives.
  • Baking options:  Ready-to-bake or Ready-to-go (pre-baked).


Vegan Sticks Product Variety

There numerous types of sweet filling options, whether such as Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Crema, as well as other sweet or savory options.

Our R&D specialists can tailor made any flavor that your customers  would desire.

Here are some of our favorites.